Past Issues

2019: Volume 1, Issue 1
Review Article

Shortening Osteotomies for Total Hip Replacement in High Congenital Dislocation of the Hip

Panagiotis P Anastasopoulos1, Panagiotis Lepetsos2*, Nikolaos Baxevanos3, Nikolaos Liarakos3, Marianna Korre3, Anastasios Gketsos4

Case Report

Dysphagia Caused by a Lingual Thyroid: Case Report

Liceaga-Reyes Rodrigo1, Del Bosque Jorge2, Fuenmayor Luis G3, Guerrero Daniel4, Romero-Oyuela Stefanny5

Research Article

Endometrial Follicular B Lymphoma

Julia Manzanares López1, María Sánchez Villalobos2, Elena Gurrea Almela1, Joaquín Gómez Espuch2, María del Pilar Marín Sánchez1*, Isabel Ñiguez Sevilla1

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